5 + 8
An advertising, branding and creative strategy agency in Houston, Texas

Galveston Bay Beer


When launching 5 + 8, one of our goals was to get a "cool brewery" client. Who knew how hard that would be? After three years and a few misadventures, we stumbled upon the Galveston Bay Beer Company. During our initial conversation with owner, Mark Henry, we admitted ,"All we want is for a brewer to let us design some cool tap handles and cans." Mark quickly responded with, "I need someone to design my tap handles and cans." They're not all that easy, but we can confidently say that it's been smooth sailing from the start. The relationship was founded with a respect for each other's expertise and delivering on what was promised. Because of this, both client and agency achieved the goal to create "some cool tap handles and cans."

I went through five design companies before I found 5 + 8. They’ve been great to work with and took a genuine interest in our product and company history. Because of that interest and time commitment, they give us results more consistent with an in-house design group and we couldn’t be more pleased. Having been with them for two years now, I fully expect our partnership to continue for years to come.
— Mark Henry, Founder