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LifeSmiles Report


2017 Review & 2018 Outlook of LifeSmiles Advertising, Branding and Creative Strategy 

1. Smiles for Soldiers



This project reflects the ideals and mission of LifeSmiles by giving the gift of a smile. We're still in the middle of this project so it's hard to gauge the overall success quite yet. But, it has given us valuable content to document and share with the LifeSmiles audience. We'll be able to better gauge the success upon the announcement of our winner and after the resulting procedure. However, good will and supporting veterans can only reflect positively on LifeSmiles.


The early applications were fewer than we'd hoped for, but as we neared the deadline the response was grew substantially.

It took the 5 + 8 team a little time to get up to speed and fully understand the voice of LifeSmiles. Though we feel we have improved in this arena, this will always be a point of emphasis for us to improve upon.


Smiles for Soldiers Submission Rate

Top Referral Sites


2. Houston Life


The first thing John asked was to make the phone ring. After the first segment, the phones rang. Any endeavor that has that type of direct response is a win. Houston Life gives Dr. Mitchmore exposure to thousands of people who have never heard his dynamic and passionate story of changing people's lives. It gets our LifeSmiles 'hero' out of the office, in front of the camera and introduces him to the right audience who may otherwise have never heard his story.


We started hot out of the gate but calls have slowed. And, only one has turned into an ideal patient. We have to continue to work collaboratively and strategically to get the most out of each segment. Linda and Shantelle have done a wonderful job steering this ship, but we all need to support their efforts to maximize this exposure and opportunity.


The Good: We have received 343 Visitors from the KPRC website.



The Reality: They have averaged 28 seconds on the site with a 93% bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. This means we need to add more value to the home/landing page.


3. Social Media 

John Image


We're growing and that's our strategy. We need to first grow the audience before we can ask anything of them. We need to ensure we have the right clients in place and following our pages, and once we feel like we have that established, we can begin to ask for their business. Let's decide on that number and try to get the right audience on board. 

In the meantime, we need to post valuable information for our audience. Valuable is not just informative. There is value in funny, heart-felt and just plain kooky


We believe we need clear and simple-designed landing pages on the website for folks who are visiting from Facebook for the first time and aren't quite ready to make a phone call. We can introduce landing pages, detailing what makes you special, a testimonial or two, and a simple call to action.

It's often smart to go where it is quietest. We should look at alternative social spaces like Nextdoor or Zocdoc or other places which are going to get the best recommendations. We know we have the best dentist in the city, we just need to make sure everyone knows where to find him.


Facebook Likes

Instagram Followers



2018 Outlook

We will continue some of the existing campaigns and push LifeSmiles towards others as we share the mission of Dr. Mitchmore and the LifeSmiles team.

We will be following up with Smiles for Soldiers in what we believe will be a hugely impactful finale. The documentation and revealing of our winner should align perfectly with the mission of how the smile of one's dream can change one's life.

The Houston Life segment will also continue throughout 2018 where the focus should be on Dr. Mitchmore. He is the protagonist in the LifeSmiles story and we need to keep the spotlight on him. We will strengthen our calls to action. The bounce rate and lack of phone calls are a reflection of how we're not doing enough to call people to take action. This will be a point of emphasis in 2018.

Social media will continue to be a big part of our strategy.  It's simply one of the most cost-effective ways to get in front of potential patients. It is not just for the young! Approximately 28 million Facebook users are over the age of 55. 

Local advertising will also be somewhere that deserves attention. We need to look at local and community events where LifeSmiles can lend a hand or sponsor. We know LifeSmiles already does a lot of this and 5 + 8 needs to learn what they're doing that works and how we can expand on it.

We got our feet wet and learned a lot over the last 6 months. We can learn from this and plan on bigger and better results in 2018. We're looking forward to partnering and accomplishing big things this year.