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OZ Interiors


Clients often say they want something different, but they ultimately select something safe. Fair enough, after all safe is safer. But, Jorge Cantu, the creative director behind OZ Interiors, refuses to play it safe. We find ourselves consistently digging deeper to find provocative ideas for Jorge. The work of OZ Interiors is unlike any other interior designer. And, the brand reflects this with an intentional level of mystique. Imagine an interior designer who never showed his work in his ads? Is that crazy, or just unexpected? And, for this and many other reasons, we hold Jorge and the OZ team in the highest esteem.

5+8’s expertise is an essential component in our business strategy. From the start, we got the sense that they understood our vision, and were as invested in our success as we were. We simply love their creativity and ability to keep the ball rolling on our various branding and advertising projects. We feel certain we found the right creative partners to join us in our exciting new venture.
— Gregory Landry, Managing Director