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I'd like one vision, please.

Vision is the answer to just about all questions when it comes to starting anything. It's a big buzz word on all the podcasts I listen to and books I start. And, when you have it, it's amazing and empowering and you become like an entrepreneurial X-man or X-woman.

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We killed Instagram

Last week, I was thoughtlessly scrolling through Instagram, when something suddenly and clearly occurred to me, this sucks. And, that sucks. Because Instagram was once really cool. It was a place where you could post one picture at a time. And, as the name indicates, the original idea concept embraced and a photo would be taken and instantly uploaded. It was simple and pleasant and fun to use.

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Merry Christmas from the Thirteens

As the year comes to a close, it’s time for us to take a look at all that has happened in 2017 for our family in Houston. Let’s call us, the Thirteens. It may be cliché to call the people you work with family, but to me, it feels like family. I actually call everyone (excluding my partner) in the office, “the kids.” I know, I know, I am only 36. But, look at in “work years.” If I was ‘born’ in 2003 with my first job out of college, that makes me 14 today – that sounds about right – which makes most of my team, career-wise, small children.

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You can change someone’s life in fifteen seconds

We have so much power. We don’t realize the power we wield with our devices. And, it’s not only powerful, it’s easy. We can Facebook message someone’s startup to success. We can connect comrades and change their course forever. And, the worst part is we know this and we don’t do it for one some of the worst reasons imaginable; laziness and thoughtlessness.

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My favorite team is the Houston Footballs

It’s a confession because there is something wrong with the Houston Texans. I am not necessarily referring to their lack of success, though it plays a role in any teams’ likeability. It’s not the players. I know Watt is a bit polarizing, but Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins are as likable as they come. I really like Coach O’Brien.

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How do you taco your taco?

In my unscientific and inaccurate assessment, 90% of company posts are uninspired, irrelevant or just entirely forgettable. Forgettable is great news for those who aren't. If social media is full of mediocrity, then there's heaps of space for opportunity.

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Humans are amazing buttheads

Before, during and after the “800 year storm,” I paid attention to the behaviors on social media, of my friends, and, of course, myself. Housebound and bored (but safe), I immediately began to brand the storm and attempt to save the world with a t-shirt.

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