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So many followers, so soon

I didn't start this blog for the followers, but man, I have to say it sure has been a really nice bi-product. I figured in the first year of our blog we would have a few supportive comments from friends and family, but I had no idea complete strangers would be so moved by my musings. For instance, Doughboy praised, "So excited I found this article as it made things much qurkiec!" And, Jenay lauded, "You are so awesome for helping me solve this myseyrt."

It continues, with mentions from Denver, "I can already tell that’s gonna be super helflup."

And, how interesting our all of new fans' names? I am not all that surprised, as I'm confident that our fans share our flair for creative. Like, our supportive Valinda, "Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apaeicrpte it."

Another trend I observed that seems to run through all our compadres is a high level of typos. At first, I wondered how Jock could miss so badly, "What a neat areiclt. I had no inkling."

But, then it hit me- you know when you're super stoked about something and your hands can't type as fast as your brain is racing? It's a high that is hard to duplicate. And, nothing lights that flame quite like reading someone or something that touches you in a place no one has touched before. If you think that is boastful, I'll point you to Lavon, who said as much, "Your thkining matches mine – great minds think alike!"

The fact that these folks also seem to only post in the middle of the night and within seconds of each other is even more rewarding. I have to imagine they are up late talking and sharing my writing. I know it's not officially a fan club, but it may be time to start thinking about one... How does fan club President Brandyce sound?

And, for all you Five + Haters out there, just keep trying to keep me down. I can't hear you anyway. You're drowned out by our diehard devotees. Like Adiana, "For the love of God, keep writing these arsltiec."

Adaina, every arsltiec I write is for you.

Ebery wun.

5+8Adam Faust2 Comments