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"Sandwiches" are for no one

The team is hungry. It’s past noon and this meeting has no end in sight. You’re tasked with ordering lunch for a group of people you know pretty well, but not intimately.  What do you do? I’ll tell you what not to do, Boy Wonder: order “sandwiches.”

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I bought $64 athletic shorts

As I ran back and contemplated how I'd look in jeans and cleats, I noticed our office neighbors, the cycling studio, RYDE, was bustling at 7pm. I popped my head in and asked if they sold men's athletic shorts. I was elated when the chisel-jawed gentleman responded affirmatively. "That'll be $64.12," he stated.

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Your application is not about you

I reply to every email sent to info@5plus8.com. We get roughly one email a week about job inquiries. They are all bad. The last one was especially infuriating. Here's a breakdown. Subject Line: Possible Job Opportunities Uses of "I" or "me": 15 times Uses of our company name: 0 times

No surprise here. She was firing off generic emails hoping for any response, I assume. So as I always do, I responded:

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5+8Adam FaustComment
So many followers, so soon

I didn't start this blog for the followers, but man, I have to say it sure has been a really nice bi-product. I figured in the first year of our blog we would have a few supportive comments from friends and family, but I had no idea complete strangers would be so moved by my musings. For instance, Doughboy praised, "So excited I found this article as it made things much qurkiec!"

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