5 + 8
An advertising, branding and creative strategy agency in Houston, Texas



We believe when you're happy, you do better work, and when you do better work, you're happy. We actually founded our company on that principle. And, these are those happy people.


Jeff Long, Partner

Occasionally you are lucky enough to work with someone who has the same vision that you do, and can consistently execute it. That’s Jeff.

- Scott (client since 2016)


Gabe Gonzalez, Writer

He knows how to make the client look good and comes to the table with thoughtful, creative and well-organized ideas.

- Andrea (client since 2018)


Katy Holton, Designer

Trust Katy. The doodle on a napkin could eventually be your company’s award-winning logo. She’s that good.

- Ren (client since 2018)


Adam Faust, Partner

I have come to trust Adam so much that I basically don’t write anything on my own anymore. Hence, I am asking him to write a testimonial about him from me.

- Gregory (client since 2015)


Linda Ho, Account Manager

Linda is a blessing and an important member of our team – providing quick, efficient service and guiding us through the design process every step of the way.

- Amber (client since 2013)


Sarah Hudson, Art Director

I don't know if Project 88 would be possible without Sarah--and we are so thankful that we found her (and 5+8) as our partner, creator, and brand managers! Sarah is simply. . . "the best!"

-Ericka (client since 2015)


David Malamud, Brand Director

David has moved from being a great partner to a great friend. He has as much passion for what we do as we do. It is a pleasure to work with David and we look to many more years with him.

- Omar (client since 2018)


Sharon Chu, Junior Designer

I have a 100% faith in her.

-Adam (5+8)


Camila Ruiz, Junior Designer

Camila went above and beyond in training us to understand and apply the software used for all the materials they produced for our company.

- Kyle (client since 2018)