J.R. Chipman Safaris

Advertising, Campaigns, Social Media, Design

We don't have favorite clients, but of course we do. Johnny is a Kenyan-born Safari guide who just needed a few more clients. He is allergic to all things digital and leaned into 5+8 and gave us his full trust. Our social team paid him back with a video campaign that helped remind his audience the once in a lifetime experience he provides. In 6 months, he landed the largest Safari trip of his career. And, we resigned one of our favorite clients (in his words) "indefintely."

"As a business owner, I cannot speak more highly of 5+8. I feel heard, I feel like a priority, and I feel like much more than just another account. I am looking forward to working with 5+8 for the foreseeable future."

–  Johny Chipman, Founder

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