Rockin' Pets Rollin' Vets

Advertising, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Design, Merchandise, Packaging, Social Media

Their mission "Forever change the way people care for their pets." is at the core of everything they do. A business and concept as cool as Rockin' Pets Rollin' Vets deserved a brand that reflected the cool, innovative, and thoughtful people who run the company. Katie, CEO & Founder, trusted us to do exactly that for her brand, and we're grateful for the opportunity to do smart work for some very cool clients.

I was literally recommending 5+8 to an associate yesterday! They are all super friendly, hands on, down to earth and have true cool appeal! We could not be happier with the rebrand we went through with Adam, David and the team several months ago. They were able to capture our essence of playfulness, while still retaining a clean, crisp, cool look. Thanks, team!

–Dr. Katie Eick, Founder of Rockin' Pets Rollin' Vets

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